10 Benefits of Listening to Music

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10 Benefits of Listening to Music

Music, the language of the soul, is as old as humanity. It's no secret that people love music. While taste in music differs from person to person, almost everyone enjoys some type of music. But by common observation, professional medical practitioners have linked music to our well-being and general health. A recent study concludes that listening to music has positive health effects on people of all ages.

The therapeutic benefits of music can be traced back in time to ancient shamanistic rituals. Music, as tool of healing was recognized in the writings of Pythagoras, Aristotle and Plato. They believed that it can influence physical, emotional, cognitive and social well-being and improve quality of life. Below are music's health benefits explained in detail:


Pain Killer: Music has the ability to reduce pain through release of endorphins which act as natural pain killers. It can also divert attention away from the pain and encouraging relaxation. According to a study published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, listening to music daily can reduce chronic pain by up to 21 percent. The study also found that listening to music made people feel more in control of their pain, reduced depression, and made people feel less disabled by their condition.

Reduces Stress: Stress has been associated with many illnesses, including several mental illnesses that seem to occur only in people with exceedingly high stress levels. In a study conducted, subjects were made listen to a half-hour of soothing music twice daily for two weeks. It showed significantly greater reductions in stress and anxiety levels in the subjects.

Cardiovascular benefits: Listening to soothing music also helps reduce your heart rate and blood pressure. As a result of a lower blood pressure, it also reduces the risk of stroke and other health problems over time. In a new Italian study, researchers found that people with mild hypertension (high blood pressure) who listened to classical, Celtic or Indian (raga) music for just 30 minutes a day for one month had significant reductions in their blood pressure. Good music helps to calm down the cells and tissues that make up the lungs thereby bringing down the patient's breathing and heart rate to normal.

Stimulate brains cells: Research has shown that music with a strong beat can stimulate brainwaves to resonate in sync with the beat, with faster beats bringing sharper concentration and more alert thinking. On the other hand, listening to soothing classical music improves ability to focus for longer time and promotes a calm, meditative state. It brings about a sense of well-being and creativity, a change which lasts long after the music has ceased to play.

Boosts exercise performance: Listening to music while you exercise may have a considerable impact on your exercise performance and commitment. Music diverts your attention in repetitive exercises thus the feeling of fatigue, exhaustion and boredom are evaded. Music can also act as a stimulant which can increase your performance. Respiration and cardiac rate is increased from music which can help you intensify your workout. According to a study conducted in 2005, listening to music while exercising boosted participants' weight loss and helped exercisers stay consistent.

Promote a sound sleep: Listening to music as we drift off to sleep ensures that we get the rest that we need from our sleep. Sleep puts your body in a healthy condition as it takes away the effects of stress, depression and anxiety from a person.

Increase optimism: Depression leads to weakness, headache, confusion, and loss of concentration. Music can also be used to bring a more positive state of mind, helping to keep depression at bay. Good music also makes one to remember happy moments or good days. It also increases self-esteem and self-confidence.

Helps in Cancer: Research suggests that music may offer a number of benefits for people coping with cancer. It reduces anxiety in patients receiving radiation therapy, as well as eases nausea and vomiting resulting from high-dose chemotherapy.

Helps socialize: Music is a great way to get together with people who share a similar passion. It helps you to meet new people, socialize and give you a sense of belonging.

Helps in spiritual health: There is a unique connection between music and spirituality. Chanting or some kind of music helps people worship in a meaningful way, and makes them feel closer to God.

Music performs unimaginable wonders and is fundamental to a human's well-being. So make music a part of your lifestyle and feel the difference.
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    thanks to neetu jain for sharing this information.. i like to hear music..

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    points 3,4 and 8 were completely unknown. I mentioned MUSIC FOR RELAXATION by Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt in one of my posts.

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    The Health Benefits of Listening to Music

    "If music is the medicine of the soul let it play on", so said a playwright. I think the made the statement because probably he got some relieve from music. Music has some strange healing ability. Read on, you will understand the picture I'm trying to paint.

    Research has shown that stress can be handled by music. Music enters into the brain cells thus affecting the human brain. Medical scientists have proven that a person that is stressed out can actually listen to some kind of music and become well. How? The researchers said that since stress comes as a result of life events such as starting a new family, starting a new business, starting a new job, and relocating to a new place, one can actually listen to good music and feel good because as stress touches the human mind negatively so good music also touches the human mind positively. Music helps you to forget the stressful life events and remember the momentous events that once happened in your life.

    Depression is a disease caused by so many factors including stress, alcoholic addiction, drug abuse or addiction, smoking, social problems such as unemployment, family crisis, divorce, conflict, and imprisonment. Depression is also caused by economic problems such as poverty, and failure in business. Depression is characterized by weakness, headache, confusion, and loss of concentration. Good music makes one to remember happy moments or good days; if you play music about love it makes you feel like falling in love again though you have had several heartbreaks. And such good feeling makes you healthy.

    Anxiety is another health problem that can be controlled by music. Anxiety is a side effect of some major health problems such as cancer of the liver and cancer of the breast. Good music makes you feel relaxed and eliminates the pains inherited from these diseases. It removes every factor responsible for anxiety and makes you feel all right.

    Cool good music helps to control your breathing and heart rate. Poor breathing rate could be as a result of lung problems such as common cold, tuberculosis, and pneumonia. Good music helps to calm down the cells and tissues that make up the lungs thereby bringing down the patient's breathing and heart rate to normal.

    Good music can send you to sleep. And you need to know that sleep puts your body in a healthy condition. Sleep takes away the effects of stress, depression and anxiety from a person.

    You don't have to underrate the power of good music. It performs unimaginable wonders. I think music should be classified as one of the wonders of the world. It is a universal language spoken by everyone across the world.

    Play good music when you feel unhealthy and it will certainly ease off some of those nasty pains.

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    The benefits of listening to music are :

    1) Change your mood

    2) Growing field of health care

    3) Helps with Stress Management

    4) Breathing and Heart Rate - Nervous System

    5) Brain Waves - Strong beat can simulate brain waves to reasonate sync with the beat

    6) State of Mind - You may imagine different things while listening to songs

    7) Lowering Blood Pressure

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    Listening to music maybe one of the best thing to enjoy in this world. Every people like music.

    THANKS! THIS REALLY HELPED A LOT! Share with World now


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    By listening to music our mood can be changed. while working if you listern to music the work becomes very easy to perform.

    Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

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    Very useful information given. Thanks for sharing this information.

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