We are following the Christian Calendar for administrative, social and for all practical purposes. The calendar is after birth of Jesus Christ whose date of birth is 25th December i.e. Christmas. The question is why the calendar begins a week after birth of christ and not exactly on his date of birth.

G. K. Ajmani Tax consultant

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No where it is mentioned or confirmed, even in the Holy Bible, that Lord Jesus Christ was born on 25th December. As per the Holy Bible, the probable birth date of Lord Jesus Christ is 11th September.
There is no established logical link between Lord Jesus Christ birth date and the calendar which is being used now.

Then from where this 25th December is borrowed from to celebrate as Lord Jesus Christ’s birthday?
Christ + mass = Christmas.
Kindly refer to the following link to know about more evidences in detail.


Sridhar Kesireddy
Thanks for very such good information Sridhar Kesireddy . I came to know about this from you only. Thanks :)
Thanks for the information. Populrly, Christmas is celebrated as birth day of Christ and the calendar year is called ' th year of our Lord'. Thus, apparently, the calendar is after Christ. However as told by Sridhar Kesireddy, there is no exaxct date of birth f christ known and neither 25th December nor first January are actual birth dates of Christ.

G. K. Ajmani Tax consultant

Thanks gulshan and parthiban.

It has became a fancy for many Indians to blindly believe what ever the Europeans say.

The most funny thing is we still officially follow the Indian history written (cooked up with many illogical myths like Aryan invasion theory etc)by Jones, Max-Muller etc, who were the paid servants of then East India Company of Britishers.

Many youngsters today are not bothered about all this. They just run behind easy money and joyful life.

My salutes to all hero's who sacrificed a lot for India during the freedom struggle.

Sridhar Kesireddy
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