Hi friends, when I was browsing You tube i found a video that clearly explains the feeling of Pakistan common people about India. It was very impressive work and so I have also added it in my blog. Actually the video explains what the school girls in Pakistan think about India and I wish you to watch the full video, else you might get a negative impression.

A debate/GD was arranged in that school and the topic was about the nuclear test conducted by India and Pakistan and this video was shot by an Indian journalist, who did a splendid job. I wish you to watch this video and give a feedback. You can watch this video either in my blog


or directly from you tube


So here is the question for you friends,

what is your view about the common and innocent people in Pakistan?

From my point I can say that only the politicians are making bad impression about the opposite countries. I am strongly against the terrorism in Pakistan and also the people who provoke terrorism. But I really consider the innocent people of Pakistan as Brother and Sisters.

Have a nice day and Love Peace all time.

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