There are number of social networking sites, dating sites, matrimonial sites, and online chatting etc. That helps Lovebirds in building the relationship. Now you can easily get a gf/bf just using your mouse. And you can also enjoy so called 'Long distance relationship' with multiple partners.

I think most of us have done this at some part of our life, myself also. But do you think this should be the meaning of Love? You search for the new partners daily, flirt for some hours. And once you get the mobile number then starts the stream of SMS. It takes hardly one or two days being Lovers from Friends.

But how long this relationship continues? Most of the time boys n gals never shares the truth and they take the relationship just for time-pass. So that they can walk away from this virtual relationship any time. At the end, s/he who really takes this relationship seriously suffers the most.

We all know the consequences of online relationship, but still we continue searching for the partner on Internet..How stupid we are?
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How many if you were caught by your superior/boss/teacher while sleeping/ taking a nap in the office hours?

People tend to sleep during office hours. Some do it apparently when they are tired after some hard work, while some do it on routine manner. This poll is only for fun to see how many belong to various categories.

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