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:) Famous Lovers :)

:) To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart, and to sing it to them when they have forgotten. - By NAWAZISH

Guys are you aware of the famous love stories that have become the role models for lovebirds. I'm sure we all are familiar with famous lovers like Romeo - Juliet and Shah Jahan - Mumtaz Mahal etc. They are truly the icons of love and passion. These great love stories inspire the lovers to walk together holding each other's hands through good and touch times. Read further to know about famous love affair…

* Romeo - Juliet: Romeo and Juliet is a story of two passionate lovebirds belonging to two rival groups namely Capulets and the Montagues. These two lovers tied their wedding knots with the help of Romeo's friend, Friar Lawrence. Juliet's father unaware of his daughter's marriage decided to marry her off to a guy of his choice called Paris. Friar Lawrence advised Juliet to say yes for marriage and he told her his plan, which was that on the morning of the very wedding day, she would drink potion prepared by him. And after drinking it, she would go into a state of deep sleep. People would think that she has died and she would be buried. Then little later Romeo would come to rescue her. So Juliet agreed to his idea and did what was told to her. But as we all know life doesn't go the way we plan, it happened with Romeo-Juliet too. Juliet did as was told to her by Friar but before Romeo could be informed about the plan, he got the news of his sweetheart's death and he got real panicky. He reached the graveyard and killed himself. Later when Juliet awoke, she discovered what had actually happened and seeing her darling lying lifeless on the floor, she also committed suicide.
* Laila - Majnu: it is a very famous love story of a rich girl Laila and a poor young lad called Majnu. Laila's parents didn't agree for their daughter's marriage with a poor guy and so they married her off to a boy of their choice. But laila could not bear the thought of separation from her love so she committed suicide. Hearing this news, Majnu went to the graveyard where his sweetheart was buried and killed himself. So this is the sad story of these two lovebirds.
* Heer - Ranjha: Heer was a gorgeous lady who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. And Ranjha was a poor guy, who after having a confrontation with his brothers, left his home and kept wandering. While roaming, he reached Heer's village. Ranjha got the job to take care of Heer's cattle. He was excellent in playing flute and this is what mesmerized Heer and she gave her heart to him. And so was the case with Ranjha. Both began to do secret meetings. But then came a twist in their life that separated the two lovers. They were caught by Heer's jealous uncle "Kaido" and her parents. And the girl's parents decided to marry her off to a boy called" Saida Khera". But the girl's uncle poisoned her before she could get married and she died. On getting this bad news, her lover came running and seeing her lover lying dead on the floor, he also died.

Other Famous Couples Are: -

* Cleopatra- Mark Antony
* Edward VIII and Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson
* Marie and Pierre Curie

May god rest the souls of these great lovers in peace.
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