As Anna Hazare has stepped up its campaign against the government, the Congress leaders are using some sort of insulting language against him.

While one of the UPA ministers compared Anna as conjuror (madari) while other described him as a puppet of RSS.

Union Minister Virbhadra Singh during his visit to Mathura described Anna’s fast as ‘madari ka khel” and said one can instantly attract 50,000 people by playing a “damru”.

“India is country of billions of people where any one can instantly attract 50,000 people by just playing a “damru,” Virbhadra said.

Accusing Anna of making mockery of Indian constitution, Singh advised Congress chief not to worry about the support to Anna.

Congress General Secretary BK Hariprasad accused that Anna’s movement was supported by BJP and the RSS.

Addressing an "Adivasi Swabhiman Chetna" rally, Hariprasad said that Team Anna has been defaming Mahatma Gandhi by wearing his caps.

Meanwhile, Anna’s fast has entered seventh day. Anna's health is deteriorating fast. He has lost 5 kg and ketone particles have also appeared in his blood and urine.
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