Hi friends, I just want share an interesting Forum Game. This is a very simple game and to participate in this game you just need to know any daily news or facts or slogans.

GAME 1: (For 2 races, 1 to 200)

According to this game you just need to add the number, i,e if I start the game with 1, then the next member should reply as 2 and it goes on, and the member who get the opportunity to score 100 ( i.e to reply 100 is the winner and similarly we hose who reply fr every 100's i.e 200, 300...).But there are some conditions for this game,

1) You should not just enter the number, rather you must mention the number and after that in the next line, you can add any facts,or daily news or any slogan, which is helpful.

2) You should not reply twice at a time, i,e if you reply number 2, then you can't reply number 3.But you can wait for others to reply and can use the chance for 4.

3) The member who gets the chance of replying 100 is the winner and let us hope how fast the game ends.

Suppose if two or more members reply the same number, then we can really say that we get more active members and the next member can continue with the next number

Let me start the game and you can use this as example. All the best.After 100 we will have sum up all the 100 facts.

At the end of each fact you submit you can add your individual number submitted like,

(individual fact submitted - 1)-- count increases for each fact

and it is just to have an idea of how much you submitted.

All the best let us wait who is the luck one to give the first 100th fact.

KARMA BOOSTER: We know that this is a game where you can know various facts and winner will be lucky, but at the same time let us help to increase the Karma Points for those who give many facts ( excluding me) and we will have a new thread, which contains all the facts submitted by members, and let us increase the Karma Points of the member who gave many facts.


Race to 100 - winners

The 100 th count was given by three users - Abid, Kumaresh and Deivigan

Most number of fact submitted - Deivigan ( 31 facts)

Download the first 100 facts here:

Congrats to the winners.

Race 2: Winner - Kumaresh ( Most facts and 200th count)


From Race 3, the members who give the maximum number of facts for each 10o counts will be the winner

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