Elizabeth Taylor And Richard Burton

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are two most well known and well recognized figures in the field of motion pictures. Richard Burton grew up in a poor, Welsh speaking household with numerous brothers and sisters and was brought up as a Presbyterian. Even as a child he excelled in school productions. Dame Elizabeth R. Taylor on the other hand was born in a well to do family. She has won two Academy Awards and is a legend in her own right.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton had a love affair that made the couple being discussed everywhere, be it in the high end parties or in family residences.

The fire of love and romance was kindled when both of them, that is, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were married to other people. Burton and Taylor's personal chemistry was evident in the films they worked together. They married after Taylor and Burton obtained divorces from their respective spouses. At that point of time, Taylor was married to Eddie Fisher, who in his turn had dumped Debbie Reynolds for Taylor. The entanglement of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton gave the former, the notorious fame of being a "femme fatale". She was condemned by Vatican in the later years. Burton was a heavy drinker and life for them with drinking sessions and bouts of wild passion became too tedious. Taylor and Burton separated only to remarry again in the later years.

Elizabeth Taylor's and Richard Burton's love affair makes interesting study. They had wild passion for each other, but somehow their relationship always lacked stability. Burton had gifted Elizabeth some very expensive and beautiful jewelry, which is prized by Taylor even to this day.
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