Hi Everyone.

Just wanted to take a minute to explain what happens when we dont use Spell Check before submitting an article

> New users Surfing Boddunan, dont take this website seriously.
> The quality of the database goes down
> If the articles with spelling mistakes are given as reference in Yahoo answer or any website, They will not be selected as best answer. Due to the poor lauguage and grammactical structure of the information
> Most importantly, you dont get higher points if you write articles with minute speeling mistakes, which can easily be corrected with the spell check tool avilable on the Submit article link. Also avilable in MS WORD/ EXCEL or any other tool that you may be using.

Before you submit your article, just click on the ABC tab as shown below. [img]C:\Documents and Settings\p475026\Desktop\spell check.JPG[/img]
And it will underline all the wrong spellings in Red. The words you wish to change just place the mouse cursor on then and click, A right click and it will create a drop down with optional correct spellings. You can select the one that you wish.

A simple step to achieve better rewards.
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  • Re: Calling all Boarders

    by » 13 years ago

    I am totally agreeing with Preeti's comments. We have so many tools available to spell check. The built in spell checker of boddunan editor, the spell checker in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It would take hardly a minute to correct the spelling mistakes and their by improve the quality of the articles.

    I saw many articles on boddunan which are infact having great content but with many spelling and gramatical errors. Due to which they have got very less points and cash rewards.

    I request all members, please use the spell checker of your choice and do a round of spell check before submitting your article.

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  • Re: Calling all Boarders

    by » 13 years ago

    Yes Friends,
    I do agree with these points.

    But many users write their article in Ms Word first and then copy-paste to boddunan. And they are usually interested in getting good cash credit.
    I have seen many articles with less than 300 words also(along with their spelling mistakes).
    We are humans and we make typing mistakes but we also created tools to correct them.
    Members please make use of spell check tool available on boddunan editor tool. You have to just click one button thats it, it checks the rest. and make changes to the article.

    To get maximum cash credits?
    I guess every member has read the last section of FAQ's
    its specially mentioned those points that will help to get max. cash credit.

    -Atul Barapatre


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