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Sandhya Rani
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11 years ago
[quote]Kalyani Nandurkar wrote:
Sandhya Rani wrote:
chinmoymukherjee wrote:
He seems to be back to where his heart is - in the forest!!

But where is forest?
All trees are cut.

Then he must be busy saving whatever is left uncut!!

Or busy planting new trees!! Sandhya, go help him, don't waste time chatting away!!!

Abid and Kumaresh already in forest.
Ok, I will also go. Will you assist me????

You go and plant the trees first, I will then water them!!! :evil:

Why can't we two go together, enjoying nature's beauty at its best?
Hoping we can meet them at the jungle :evil:
Why can't we ask Ceemji to assist us with a bucket of water ;)

What is our mission? Searching for Kumaresh or jungles!! Jungles are right here in our midst.We don't have to search for them!!

We are in need of searching a squirrel hiding behind jungles...along with his dearest friend, Kumaresh!!!!

So now even squirrels have started hiding or what???? :woohoo: :unsure: :blink:[/quote]

See Abid's profile picture. He is gifting a flower to a lady squirrel in the wild forest :woohoo: :silly: :blink: :laugh: :laugh:

Meera sandhu
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