She is named as 'The nightingale of south India' and no doubt, she is the best Indian female playback singer in the past 2-3 decades, after Lataji and Ashaji. She still holds a record of winning maximum National Awards for the best female playback singer catagory, winning 6 till now, 30 state awards of different languages and 5 filmfare awards(South).
She still holds the record of winning 11 state awards of Kerala from 1985 to 1995 successively , almost a non-breakable record. One and half years ago she lost her only child on a Vishu day, that she got after 15 years and we people thought, we have lost her forever. To get out those memories, she is involving herself in playback singing and a reality singing show which she was hosting before and last year again, she got a state award.
Let us all congratulate her for her success and pray to God to give her mind enough strength to get over every difficult situations of her life.

Let me tell you...her position in my heart is next to Lataji as I really love her sweet voice a lot.

Enjoy this song from Virasat for which she got her only National award for Hindi

Meera sandhu
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