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  • Re: On Leave for 5 days!

    by » 8 years ago

    Look like You already back.. Is Ganesha festival over.. I mean here its still on , and I guess it will be over tomorrow. Not sure.

    Anand, Ganesh Festival is still not over here, but depending upon family traditions, the visarjan of family Ganpati is on the second, fifth, seventh or tenth day! Ours was on fifth day with Mahalaxmi, on Sunday! The festival is actually in full swing until Anant Chaturdashi!

    Ohh.. I didn't know about it in that detail.. I guess here my cousin is going for Visarjan tomorrow , may be on seventh day.. So I thought it is same for everyone.

    Yes, its a different day for every family. My parents' have a tradition of visarjan on the tenth or eleventh day ie, Anant Chaturdashi, whereas in-laws its fifth day!

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  • Re: On Leave for 5 days!

    by » 8 years ago

    I think 28th sept is last date of Ganesh utsav so still 2 to 3 days remaining.

    Santosh Kumar Singh


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