Posting new topic on forums 2
Replying to a topic on forums with minimum 50 characters 3
Report a Spam post on post against forum rules 8 (But I saw this one is stricken off in admins list now)
Asking a question on Answers section 1
Answering a question on Answers section 2
When your answer is selected as best answer 10
Some one votes up your answer 3
Someone votes down your answer -2
When you vote down someones's answer -1
Submitting a new poll and approved by admin 5
Submitting a quiz on quizzes section with minimum 5 questions per quiz 20
Responding to a quiz 1
Submitting a crossword question and is approved by admin 5
Solving a crossword 2
Submitting a new quote on quotes section 3
Commenting on the quotes with minimum 0 characters 3

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