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MY LIFE IN lord Krishna AVTAR
I AM WRTING THIS ARTICLE ON MY LIFE AFTER GETTING HANDS OF Lord Krishna ON my head, I born on 24 august 1981 day after janhtamimas ie gopal kala ,
At age of ten I change my school , at class of 9th I suffer from sexual harassment from some friends you now thing I am boy how can I suffer sexual harassment from boy but its reality of my life , that time I like one girl name kajal pawar , but she never like me any day. At one time at college kajal with their friends use some dirty language to me. I very upset at that time. And after some time I suffer from physiatrist problem . I suffer from problem all people are laughing on me they are telling about me , after five years I stop treatment on my own when I was in hdfc bank. but after few days all over word people are listing my voice without saying anything’s , I got lord Krishna avatar in kalyug or this is science , I thinks this is science . but when I meet people my life is normal but word listing me . before hdfc my first job is orange tele marketing executive . after join two day one girl name sarika purpose me because I give them one client .but I not answer that time because of kajal. after suffer from this life In hdfc I whant sarika to back in my life again
for that I use one channel that is star news, because every person in word listing me and sarika also but sarika share is news that I am not single now . I upset again in my life . after that also I not forgot sarika . I realy love her because his truthiness she also love me but she is that time not to cheat her boyfriend I come to my life again . when she love me I not understand her love when I love her she not expect my love .from age of 24 till now I love her only & every day pray for lord Krishna to give her in my life again Bollywood and all Indian support me to get back her in my life again but she is bewafa and not understand true love.not understand my emotiona but now I forgot her I searching true love ie jinal but every day in morning I pray god to forgot sarika from my mind but cannot forgot her because of this life because of lord Krishna because of true love
I never thinks when god bless me or when I enjoy normal life like every human being on this earth
I believe in god I believe in love
Pray god for my life
Pray god for jinal love me lot
Thamks Indians
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