With every single passing day, there is a very heated debate going on in Tamil Nadu: will Rajnikant, the superstar of Tamil Cinema, enter politics?

Well, he hails from Maharashtra, had settled down in Bangalore, but has now lived in Chennai, for quite a long time.

He is a huge superstar of the South, with films that gross over 200 one thousand rupees, in just under one week.

Once he enters politics, many believe, Tamil Nadu will be far better.

On the one hand, the AIADMK, which is the most corrupted party of Tamil Nadu, is the ruling party.  The DMK, now in opposition, had done some really good work, but its massive corruption also made it lose the election last time.

The PMK is another very corrupt party, which as a caste base.  It is nowhere near being accepted as a mass party.  That leaves only the Congress, which has now split.  It never commands more than six per cent of the vote, anyway.

Vijayakant, who promised big, also from the film world, is widely seen as a huge drunkard, who blabbers a lot, but does very little.

So, the argument goes, if Rajnikant joins the BJP, or goes alone, he will win.

Unlike MGR, who was a huge politician and actor of the DMK, before he started the AIADMK, Rajnikant, does not have a huge fan following.

MGR was known to be a man with a really kind heart.  He had contributed to charity long before he become a legend.  His image was one that was fashioned in tune with the times -- he was seen one who could do no wrong.

Rajnikant has a larger-than life image, but this could prove his problem.  People are not used to seeing very good people from the film world, and for all the good human being that he positively is, there is nothing in him, that will take him to the masses, like MGR.

This is his big problem.

Nevertheless, should such film stars enter politics, now, which is very dirty and can pull down, anyone?

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