Yet another year will dawn in less than twelve hours from now, and there will be celebrations all around.  That is all fine, but within a day or two, things go back to normal.

The simplest New year resolution that one can make is to reach all out to inform others about everything that is good about people, foster good relationships with the people  -- particularly innocent poor people -- and help them in whatever little way we can.  For example, if each one of us, who is educated, can chip in with useful advise on the booming careers like Visual Communication, it can benefit someone who has a natural taste for it.  Chennai has at least five superb colleges offering the graduation in this field, the best being the famous Loyola College.

Simple.  Let us reach out to people.  Let us respect others and treat everyone with respect, irrespective of color, or creed or caste or whatever.  This will be far better than doing all that is wrong, and then presenting ourselves at every temple, praying to God, to forgive us for all our sins!!

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