This was upsetting and sad that Aruna who was raped and spent 42 years in comma. It was tragic as the culprit was not punished for the rape charge. It's really pathetic what law we have. My eyes got teary when I read the whole story of hers. Sohanlal the culprit is still alive and living life comfortably after changing his name.


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Sad state of living in vegetative state for more than 42 years really something very sad state of life and first to know the culprit is still alive with another name and living what a pity.

There are several loose ends in our IPC. Culprits are using these loophole to their advantage.

That happened in the age where there is no alert electronic media and perhaps if that happens in current times this would have a different story altogether.

Law was there. Law was there even before 40 years. And the investigation was taken much later.

Active media not there otherwise such loopholes would be highlighted and compelling such authorities to take due action in due time.

A very very wrong impression you have . most of the Popular media existed more than 60 yeras . The Hindu is an example.

Again another wrong impression you have I am talking about electronic medias and activism of medias. Such cases would not go uncovered for so many years. Take the case of Sashi Tharoor case due to presence of active electronic media and internet such as twitter, forums, fb and blogs such incidents continue to be highlighted time and again.

Why electronic media ? Can't the print media cannot deliver the things? In fact the initial news was published 40 years ago not by electronic media. But by print media.

No print media have not delivered on that time, you know it and why you asking me ask why they failed so, for denied justice to her and I was just saying even the presence of electronic media with lively journalists there this incidents should have seen the light of the day. Electronic media was not there and how could they publish it only DD probably was there, This is simple nothing complex about it.

This is also simple that print Media also can deliver the things.

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