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  • Re: Some healthy options among fast foods...

    by » 6 years ago

    usha manohar
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    RamBabu not only food but every thing which is in our home give us satisfication. Food of five star is much delicious but it never satisfied us like khichdi which is cooked at our home. I have affection with articles which in my house, weather these are 50 years old. These make me sense that it is my house. 


    There is no doubt that home cooked food is the best there is because it is clean and free of any added preservatives.I would in fact call packaged food as junk food because these contain fat and large amounts of preservatives whereas freshly prepared street food is good , in some cases may not be clean but hot food is healthier than ones that have been stored for hours together like cut fruit and vegetables..

    Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

  • Re: Some healthy options among fast foods...

    by » 6 years ago

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    Storaged food is always considered as hazardous to health. They add preservatives for adding shelf life ridden with chemicals. Of course there is healthy food available in the street food and fruits. In my place these push card peddlers bring to the door of my flat. They cut the fruits in your presence. I take fruits like papaya  and Guava from these peddlers.Similarly Idli and sambar.

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