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Hi all! There are many of us who are deprived of sleep and always try to catch up with their sleep. Sleep deprived people could be found daydreaming on the toilet, in the bath, at the cinema and sometimes dreadfully behind the wheels. Some sleep deprived persons doze off at unlikely places e.g. in a coal mine, staircase, examination hall, while waiting in a bank for their turn or while matching a football/hockey match etc. Have you ever fallen asleep at an unusual place. If yes, what what was your reaction when you got up? I sometime fell asleep when getting my hair cut and/or getting oily head massage ...... Lol! Would like you to share your experience.

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    Come on mate- come out of Bubblews mode, the site is gone but it still has all your posts there earning for them. I am leaving this topic locked and not deleting so others can see previously published content is not accepted here on Boddunan. I hope you got my point Deepak.

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