A Jain Temple which had historical significance was demolished by the district authorities in Bagalkot in Karnataka.No media highlighted this nor did it become an issue that was discussed by anyone. 

Now take another case in a area called KR Puram in Bangalore , where a site belonging to a private individual who was on a transferable state government job ,living in another city, was illegally occupied by a minority group and initially used as a dwelling, later developed into a full fledged mosque. On hearing this the person rushed to the spot and lodged a police complain with the help of the neighbors who were totally opposed to the structure since it was a nuisance . But the politicians not only legalised it , asked the site owner to accept whatever the Muslims were ready to give which was 15% of the value. He had no other go since he is a state government employee . he lost the site and the money he had paid for it taking a loan...So this is the kind of secularism we see in India!




Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

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