Our cities are bursting with traffic.  Chennai and Bangalore may be the worst cases, where travel, even by the most expensive car in the world, will never be a happy experience.  Flyovers have been constructed, and many new routes have also been created.  However, the traffic is horrible, and keeps increasing with every single day.

How do we make it better?  Why not, for example, encourage private mini buses, on all short routes?  The operators can be regulated in terms of the actual fare that they can collect for all distances on such routes.

The second suggestion is to run public buses on long routes that touch new areas, so that the traffic is reduced on areas in the core city.  This is being done to some extent, in Chennai, where the public buses ply to a distance of sixty kilometers. 

Can car pooling become more common, so that the number of cars is reduced?  What more can be done to reduce traffic in our cities?

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