This year is the birth centenary of one of the greatest painters of India, Dr. S. M. Pandit. He was born on 25th March  1916 and died on 30th March 1993. After a full and illustrious career in advertising and illustrations, he turned to paint what he was passionate about, a  series of paintings on mythological subjects, such as Radha-Krishna, Nala-Damayanti, and Vishwamitra-Menaka etc. Although I am a fan of all of his paintings, my personal favorite is his lifesize painting of Swami Vivekananda which he did for the Vivekananda Rock Memorial in Kanyakumari. It is simply a masterpiece. He has successfully captured the divine essence and purity of Swamiji's personality perfectly well in the painting.

The reason I floated this thread is to post invitation of the retrospective exhibition of Panditji's paintings which is to be showcased in the Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai starting from Tuesday 7th June next week till 13th June. This is actually a once in a lifetime opportunity to see his paintings. I say that because his paintings are being exhibited after 25 years, the last one was held in Pune at which time, he himself was present. The current show is organised by Panditji's son Shri. Krishnaraj Pandit and his grandson Aditya Chari. Although one can see some of his paintings in the private family-owned museum in Gulbarga, Karnataka, this show will showcase paintings lent by many of the art collectors which can otherwise never be seen. So if any of you can make it during this period, do visit the show and enjoy a visual feast.  It is indeed a rare opportunity.



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