It is almost sure that the culprit, who was arrested in the sensational Swati Murder case in Chennai, is a very young engineering graduate, who is actually yet to complete some papers in his Mechanical engineering degree.  He was virtually unemployed, and doing some odd jobs for a living.

However, all that did not prevent him from establishing some sort of a relationship with Swati, who worked with Infosys.  Little did she realize that this fellow would propose to her.  When he did, she was obviously shocked, for he was no match for her.  She had reportedly remarked about his background and physical appearance.  Apart from whatever has appeared in the press, there is every possibility that this sarcastic remark had angered the culprit, resulting in the cruel murder.

Though the murder was most cruel, it is a fact of life that Ramkumar and others of his ilk are products of a very defective System of Education that does not offer any assistance to such men to acquire skills in spoken and written English, which is vital for gaining the required exposure to the wider world.  The subjects are taught by fresh engineering graduates, who do not have any aptitude for research or for teaching or both.  They always look out for opportunities in the real world of business and jump ship.  This is the sad reality.

People like Ramkumar migrate to cities like Chennai, and are amazed at how others dress differently, speak differently and earn differently.  These are the people from English medium backgrounds, from good families and from very good schools and colleges.  Chennai, for instance, has plenty of them, and this is the reason why IT companies flock to Chennai.

But what about Ramkumar and other poor souls, who are diverted to useless things like one-sided love?  To even think of anything called love, in real life, is a sin for such people.  But they do so, little realizing the pitfalls.  Rarely, this leads to murder like the kind we have seen in Swati's case.

Pent up anger finds expression in violence, and this is a very dangerous trend.  However, what can be done?  How do we ensure that we do not have any more Ramkumars around, giving us maximum trouble, and our girl children, nightmares?

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