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According to  Medical Experts, Packaged foods are not only devoid of Nutrients, they are slow Killers.

Here is an interesting account of Health Hazards of Packaged food.


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  • Re: Killer Packaged foods

    by » 6 years ago

    We all are warned about this from the beginning from our teachers and parents, I especially prefer the home food because it the safest food in the world for someone.


  • Re: Killer Packaged foods

    by » 6 years ago

     Nutrition experts The Toxic effects of edible oil is nothing but fats as it s nutrients have been stripped. This  results in pressure on the Liver., which leads to fat that cannot be processed in the body..

    So are the other ingredients in these Packaged foods.  Foods prepared at home too are not free from  these  evil effects.Home food prepared  in most of  the homes are using these Packaged foods because of  their   time saving properties.

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