Now is the time of small nuclear families and few children ( maximum 2 or 3) but in older days the house used to be full of siblings. A lot of life skills and lessons are learnt in family.

"Being an elder one in the family, I became responsible at a very young age", "Younger ones are always careless", "Being the youngest  I never took any decision",..... so on. Don't we say or hear such comments very often ??

This question came to my mind when my elder daughter complained at my verdict for a sibling rivalry -"You can never understand how I feel because you were not the elder one in your family?...Really leaves me pondering - "Does your order of birth affects your personality?"

I welcome you all for your a healthy discussion and your valuable inputs. 

I am open to experience what life's mystery bag holds for me

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Is Modi good to be given another election period when compared with contemporaries and competitiors?

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