Roshan Ahmed
Senior Boarder
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6 years ago

Hi everyone,

Me and my friends have been working on a Promo video for our Management Fest event to be conducted at School of Management Studies, Cusat. We've been doing some abstract concept videos and our first one has been released. Please watch it and if you like it, a like and comment would be awesome.

Thank You.

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6 years ago

I liked the video on for the Promo video for your Management Fest Event 'Gear-up for talentime33'. It seems you have received 57 likes, 260 views and 33 subscribers till now. It is really a great video and keep going. Best wishes for your event.

Diamond Mate
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6 years ago

a nice way of promoting and getting feedback.

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6 years ago

Great work, best of luck.

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6 years ago

Its a good work that definitely works in Promoting the site. All the best.

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