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6 years ago

where you are going . Are you leaving from boddunan? You good bye is not clear.

Santosh Kumar Singh


6 years ago

Yes, I am leaving and I won't come very often.

6 years ago

Why you taken this decision. Are you feeling bore on working here.

Santosh Kumar Singh


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6 years ago

Whats the reason Visakha. leaving  means leaving Boddunan or the Country

6 years ago

Actually, I am looking for a little bit high paying freelance writing jobs as I think here it is time consuming and low paying. I work hard writing so much but here, it is little bit low paying. This is the reason I won't be visiting a lot here. I am a freelance writer and here it is time consuming and article takes long to get published. It is not very motivating to write.

Kalyani Nandurkar
Editor & Super Moderator
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6 years ago

It is really sad and unfortunate that you are having to leave for this reason. Anyway, you know best what works for you and what doesn't so. So all the best and do come when you can.

"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)

Babu saroj
Expert Boarder
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6 years ago

I wish you come back again because this is very good site


Manoj Kumar Lamba
Platinum Mate
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6 years ago

May be this site is low paying, but I visit this site to express my thoughts on the topics started in discussion. I have not written any article, but I like to express my views and read others views on topics in discussion. Friends active on this site are very kind and polite, so in my busy time I stay away from this site and whenever I got time I login to this site.

Junior Boarder
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6 years ago

This is very good Platform for express your views and your knowledge, we can easily share our thoughts, Sometimes it happens, any latest news I read here of which I had not seen on news channels. So it is very good.

So don't leave come back again.........

Gold Boarder
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6 years ago

Wishing you the very best ahead... And yes as everyone else pointed out.,... the forum is the best part of boddunan. I am enjoying the discussions here. Well yes may be article writing is a bit low paying, but that is how it is and we can not change that. Cant expect all fruits in the same basket i guess.. 


Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated - Confucius

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