On Zee Bangla channel there is a programme titled, Apur Sansar, in which Rita Koiral, a Bengali actress, came as a guest in one of the episodes. There she openly stated that Anupam Kher wanted her to keep mum regarding the dubbing she did for Kiron Kher in a Bengali movie Bariwali of which Anupam Kher was the producer by offering a huge pay packet. Kiron Kher received national award for the movie while the veteran Bengali actress Rita Koiral was denied her due. She refused the offer made by Anupam Kher but she did not earn her due either way. Anupam Kher is too vocal these days about nationalism and  morality but did not hesitate to cheat a member of his own fraternity. Sharing two links where the denial is clearly mentioned and Rita Koiral has blamed Anupam Kher openly on the television programme recently which is not mentioned in the write-ups . Links are:



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