Am now 59 years old, and enjoy wearing ear rings in both my ears.  I got this done on the advise of a spiritual person, as it is part of our Tamil Brahmin tradition in getting it done this way, that is, ear rings with a medium prized diamond stud and worn like the priests in temples. 

Most people have commented that it looks good and do comment that the traditions have to be preserved.  However, the younger elements sometimes poke some fun or pass some comments. 

Is this tradition of piercing both ears and wearing ear rings by men, a common culture among men of Karnataka and also Telengana/ AP?  I wish to know a little about this and would like readers to react. 

I do find some meaning in it, as it cools the mind and helps me to concentrate.  It is actually based on acupuncture, of some kind.  Kindly do let me know our views please.




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