Government job is the most liked job for many youngster because it has some good attribute for which it became the desirable job for many of us. Like in our family our elders or papa's says with proud when they sat in any meeting or any where like "Hamara ladka govt job m h" right friends.blushgrinning. They feel proud & prestige in society. People thought government job is secure job with handsome income and has many features, that's true also but not that much true like people thought. I mean government job has good attribute but only in some government job. Like there are some government jobs which has no good attribute like handsome salary and higher allowances there are many jobs like this.

There are some of the famous government jobs which has killer attributes for which people liked it very much and have desire to have good government job. There are only 4 famous government sector in which people want to have job in any of that sector.

  1. Defence Sector
  2. Banking Sector
  3. Teaching Sector
  4. Railway Sector

Each sector has its different attribute and importance in own. Like in banking sector there is great job with prestige in society and handsome salary + higher allowances. But the workload is very high in that type of job. Like in Defence sector the job is challenging which require good fitness and health but the qualification for that job is not much higher only 12th pass student can go for defence job. Army recruit 12th pass candidates every year as per their requirement. So I'm talking about these types of attributes like in bank there are higher salary + good allowances and in defence job requirement for qualification is minimum which is 12th pass. These attribute win over private job.

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