Rahul rana
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6 years ago

I am posting this topic for the students who have completed their schooling and for the people who are unemployed and looking for government job with handsome salary and good allowances. Student passed out school but sometime they are not able to decide for where to go further like they don't understand which direction would be appropriate for us. I would like to suggest student who have passed 12th to go for government job. Prepare for the best government exam for the high rank government job. This would be appropriate for those students who want to have high ranking in government sector and want to serve the people by becoming government servant or public servant. People who have unemployed may search for the government job. Some recruitment would be made by some government undertaking company and other sector like SSC, UPSC they recruit people every with minimum qualification they recruit people every year. So be alert for the government jobs notifications.grinningblush

[url=http://www.sarkariinaukri.com/Latest-Govt-Jobs.php]Latest Government Jobs[/url]

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Arunima Singh
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6 years ago

Thank you for the information. Some time back, young generation showed little less interest in government sector jobs. Well that is my observation and people may differ. They found corporate jobs more interesting owing to handsome salaries and abroad projects etc especially in IT sector. But now with revised pay and other stuff, government jobs too have salaries at par with private ones. Moreover now with sluggish market and recession and job cuts in private sector, government jobs seem to have an edge. Government jobs were all time favorite of our generation and earlier generation owing to security and stability. 

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6 years ago

if you have any body need govt jobs information you can see this


usha manohar
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6 years ago

The most glaring fact in most govt and public sector job is the inefficiency level and lack of job satisfaction because of interference by the top officials and leaders. Once that is tackled , government jobs become very attractive ..

Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

Thank you said by: Arunima Singh
Shampa Sadhya
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6 years ago

Due to job security factor government jobs are always preferred. What government needs to improve is the work culture and maintenance of workplace. If this changes for the better then the staffs and the clients or the visitors will all feel good at the govt. office.


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