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I have always seen Gabriel and Michael, the archangels of God standing next to me in all the situations. So, did anyone of you experience the same? They protect us, love us, care for us and are obedient and humble. It is a soothing experience to have them in your life.

The angels of God are the supernatural beings that do exists and they love to see your happy. They rejoice along with our Lord Jesus Christ when we are happy. Even the smallest thing we do in their presence, they make you feel like a King or a Queen.

It is not an illusion to see them, but by the eyes of our Faith on our Lord Jesus Christ, we see them alive and happening. They wait for our commands in obedience. Indeed, we can learn how to be loving, humble and obedient from the angels of God. There are many angels and archangels and we have them all for our protection. They convey our prayers to God and also bring messages and healing from God.

They are gentle and not offended even when we are rude to them as if they understand how a human being behaves and what he/she goes through. Looking at the Holy Angels of God, I have learn't about the virtue of our Lord Jesus Christ. So, have you seen these angels?

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How long do you stick to your new year resolutions?

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