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Category: General Discussions 5 months ago

Hello Everybody!!!!

I don’t know what to write but today, I thought I should have to write something so I am sharing something with you all, I hope you will like it.

Today I was late and I have already informed in my office about it, so today it was the first time when I saw the road exactly, how it looks, when we run our scooter fast it seems like it is also running with us, I have first time seen the dividers carefully, the plants with beautiful flowers on it looks like this is the beauty of nature, which we lost in our daily busy life, I have seen the beautiful pots on the dividers in which we generally used to call “Ghamlas” these were amazing, a water tanker near to the dividers and putting water in the pots generally I used to see these all scenes daily but I don’t know why today they all are looking so beautiful to me….???? Now you all are thinking that might be I am so happy today….no it’s not the reason….the reason behind it is, that the day before today I didn’t even notice this beauty of nature where I am living…….. that I am living on this much beautiful earth where everything is so beautiful so cool so surprising so amazing but usually we always ignore all these beauties because we don’t want to get up early in the morning and I am not talking about you all even I don’t want to get up early don’t want to go to bed early not because we don’t want to sleep because our friends used to awake late night and if we go to bed early….then how we will be look cool in front of them…….my friends always made fun of mine that I went for sleep at 10 p.m. only……they said how can I sleep even 10….as per them generally this is the time when we free from our dinner and this is the time when we live our life in our own way……because we spend our whole day in office we don’t have enough time for us. So they used to awake after 10 to live their life………..and in them “so called cool people” I feel myself alone…just because I used to sleep early….and then I decided to change myself it was not so easy for me because my whole family is working so we have to get up early in the morning.. so if I would sleep late in the evening it was quite impossible for me to get up early……but I did all these bullshit just to look cool…..and result of it I got frustrated, dark circles and many more…..then one day I decided to be uncool I thought what if I went to bed at 10 p.m. it’s my personal choice…what if ……..if it is impossible for me to awake late night these all are not my cup of tea and then I decided to not to change myself and be the what I am… now I am happy with my current life I am happy for what I am…. who I am and went to bed 10 hahahaha……..and because of it able to get up early in the morning I am happy that unlike my other friends or people I can see the beautiful mornings….dashing evenings….beautiful birds dividers…..roads which always welcomes me….runs with me…beautiful plants folwer pots…..ohh sorry it Ghamlas…..i m happy I am living in my own way not in influence of others

So now I am going I have to reach my office so see you soon all….

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