Today, on 5th June, is world environment day. It is our collective responsibility between Govt. and citizens and as son of mother earth to not harm the nature and protect the environment by keeping it green and clean.

In 21st century, the biggest challenge in terms of pollution and saving the environment is global warming. We may also feel that in greed for development for human luxury, we are loosing the green cover which eventually has led us to experience heat waves and drought situation.

In my opinion, to protect and increase green cover is a big challenge and must be priority for all of us to grow trees as much as possible in order to at least protect the green cover which will help us protect against heat wave and drought situation.

In coming years, India will face serious challenges as far as pure drinking water is concerned. We call our selves educated but we don't have simple understanding of not wasting water. Because we have got educational degrees doesn't mean we are educated if our behavior is of and uneducated person. I have witnessed this that we, Indians have faced water crisis earlier as well and still we have not learnt anything and still wasting water like uneducated people. The rivers are going out of water because of low rain and also since independence, we haven't built infrastructure for storage of rain water which still gets away into the river or ocean.


So, today, i would like to discuss and debate on this serious matter which related to all of us. Provide your ideas and suggestions on how to save water, protect trees, protect environment, protect mother earth. You guys may share your stories and experiences as well which may helpful to all of us. Remember, it's not only job of Govt. but it's collective responsibility of us,. citizens and Govt.

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