The procedure of breast implant aims to reform, increase, enhance, or regain the size of the breasts. Breast augmentation surgery aims to restore the shape and size of the breast. This cosmetic surgery helps an individual attain a better-proportioned figure that is appealing. Breast augmentation surgery is Gurgaon performed at SB Aesthetics, helps to increase breast size, using implants or fat transfer. This involves placing breast implants under the breast tissue to achieve firmer body shape. This surgery enhances the appearance of an individual. Dr. Shilpi Bhadani is a well known cosmetic and plastic surgeon who performs the Breast Augmentation Surgery in Gurgaon and provides promising results. In breast implant surgery, the surgeon will make an incision, and a pocket is made under the breast tissue to place the silicone implant. The cost of breast implants in Gurgaon depends on the type of implant, type of corrective surgery, and also varies according to the patient requirement. This procedure is an effective way of enhancing the body shape, and to achieve the best results, visit SB Aesthetics!

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