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Our education system has been the old gurukulam system of education wherein the student stays with the teacher for some years to learn. But after the arrival of the British, the education system went a total change. They occupied our country and wanted our people to serve them, so they introduced the present education method we are following. On one aspect they introduced English the new language but ensured that we are useful to serve them. So though we learnt and knew English we were not allowed to think on our own or allowed to ask questions.

The question is at the root cause of the Indian Education System. What we here follow is blind acceptance of answers either already given in the textbook or dictated by the teacher or copy from the ready-made guides. We as students are taught not to ask questions from day one of schooling, unlike the western education system. Not only our parents followed them, but they also do not find time to encourage or cultivate the habit of asking questions.

First unable to answer embarrasses them, so they tell their kids to just follow what is being told. Second, they are interdependent on society so they are forced to follow the rat race to recognization

So knowing basic English, being mature is not enough for studying by yourself. it goes beyond that. It requires self-discipline, practice to search and find answers for questions and a guide or mentor who has gone through the same and is willing to impart it to a student. These are followed in higher education and only in some institutes of repute.

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3 years ago

I agree.Our education system needs a revamping.When the British were gone,we needed to develop our own system where more importance would be given to our own languages.

Knowing English is a parameter for intelligence nowadays.Wholesome learning is required,be it any medium of instruction.We were slaves for a long period so some things will require time.

I support practical and value based education that is not evaluated by scores where students learn through experiences and they can question till they understand.The syllabus should be restricted to  about what we see around,what we ought to know quenching all the curiosities and learning to do the basic things needed throughout life.This will definitely put an end to the prevalent rote system and make teaching learning more efficient.Let teachers be the text books for the pupils.

3 years ago

This is beginning of a bright future. 


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