Urbanization can be termed as the progressive increase in number of people living in cities and towns due to movement of people from rural to urban areas.The reason is to avail better benefits.Many activities take place as a result that lead to urbanization issues.


1)Positive effects-If within appropriate limits,employment opportunities,good education,improved technology,improved means of transport and communication,better standard of living.

2)Adverse effects;

a)Housing problem due to population increase.Lack of space,poverty,unemployment are some of the contributing factors.Unlawful resident settlements like slums increase.

b)Unemployment is another major issue.

c)Poor sewage and sanitation facilities that lead to communicable diseases.Water scarcity is another problem.

d)Traffic blockage is caused due to excessive population.

e)Pollution levels increase.

f)Crime rates reach grater heights.


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  • Re: Effects of urbanization

    by » 2 years ago

    Everything has the positive and negative sides. Better Education is positive and which may be in higher fees structure is negative. Pollution is high that is negative and very near to office/ school or better transport facility is positive. 


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