Benefits of Detox water

Detox water makes your body internally clean by improving kidney functions and flushes all those unwanted toxins from your body. It helps to solve sleep-related problems and protects your body from diseases. Improves your metabolism. Detox water balances the pH value of your body and makes you strong internally. It is good for your skin, as it improves the skin complexion and gives you healthy and glowing skin. It helps to improve our gastrointestinal health and digestive health. It provides good hydration, helps for weight loss, prevents heartburn related problems, and boosting your immune system. These are some of the health benefits of Detox water. Now let's see what are those magical ingredients that help to stay healthy.

Detox water preparation 


1.      Cucumber - 1 medium-sized

2.      Water- 1 Cup

3.      Mint leaves



Peel off the cucumber and cut it into small pieces. Blend it with mint leaves and add water. Strain out the juice and add ice cubes if required. You can add more water if you want to consume it all day. This is a good refreshing drink you can consider if you want to take healthy Detox water.


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