Hi there!! guys this is my first article here and here i want to tell you guys about my one in a life time experience at the Kanha Kisli national park in madhya pradesh . Both my friend Siddhartha and i were pretty happy and excited about the fact that we are going to a far away location after like spending a whole year at our houses getting bored . It was a cherry on top when we got to know that we were visiting a national park famous for the majestic cats "TIGERS".Anyways we left home with our parents and it was nearly a 300km ride from our house to the national park .Took us nearly 5hours to get there and it was late at night also so we decided that we are just going to eat and sleep and the next day we would ride our gypsies to explore the jungle.But however we boys got out of our rooms quietly (hehe) as we planned and then we went to explore the other areas of the city and to our surprise there was a rumour among the locals that a tiger along with her 2 cubs have been spotted in the nearby areas .

We looked in each others face and told that this is not the place we expected to meet the tiger and just ran away from there ,went back to the place we came from and grabbed two small bottles of mountain dew from the nearby store and drank it ( kyuki darr ke aage jeet hai ). Then we again went back to the main road area and started exploring things and time went by .We also then decided to move back to our rooms before we could see a real tiger standing in front of us. 

Fast forward to the next day when we boarded our jeeps and had binoculars on our necks waiting to see a tiger . we started our journey at nearly 6:30 am in the morning and for the first half and hour we only saw bisons ,birds and the most common deers .Interestingly i for the first time in my life saw a live black buck and as soon i saw it i shouted "SALMAN KHAN "  and to my surprise  everyone was laughing  ,took some pictures of it and we moved ahead . Then came a spot where all the other gypsies also stopped by and everyone was looking down towards the ground . I asked our guard what happened and he said that those are the footprint of a  real tiger and he just passed by from this route . I saw my friend also looking down there and we said to each other that we should have bought our mountain dew with us (again hehe).

Moving forward we expected to see the tiger in front of us but to our disappointment 2.5 hours passed and we were yet to see the gigantic beast but only we saw were jackals ,some jungle cat (it was amazing though) and peacocks . As i was losing hope because only 30 minutes were left for the safari to end.............................................. every gypsie in front of us stopped and so did we . I was silently hoping in my heart that it could be a tiger and guess what it was a TIGER . The majestic beast moved towards us  ignoring everyone and their screams and then in a slice of  a moment jumped away and disappeared into the woods . Although it was a 10 second interaction with the beast i thoroughly enjoyed every second of it and thus our safari ended on a  beautiful and promising note . We had paneer and rotis before heading home and on the way between we had a cup of tea from a stall and enjoyed our ride with some light music. We reached home and everbody freshened up but i could not stop bragging about the tigers to my friends who were equally jealous . Anyways the site which i saw in front of me i could never ever forget that .




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