To make your life better, you have to do something to make it better. There is no secret, you have to take charge of your life. For this, there are positive things to do on a daily basis that undeniably influence our life and our mood. It's simple, by making your life better, so it will be better. Because you will see everything differently and positively. So what does it take to make your life better?

To be in a good mood, it is essential not to depend on others and therefore not to be negatively influenced by others. Just because someone hasn't sent us a message doesn't mean we have to be in a bad mood. Since when does our mood have to depend on the actions of others? NEVER. So, at the start of the day, get up quietly and say one or more positive sentences to yourself. The positive sentences you say to yourself are important and help direct your feelings, your emotions in the right direction and therefore your life. Depending on what you want in your life, choose the phrases to repeat to yourself every morning. If it is difficult for you to say these sentences to yourself, write a few on your mirror or somewhere you walk past each day and read these sentences aloud.

It is important to listen to your body and not do things it doesn't want to do. What's the point of forcing yourself to do something your body doesn't accept? Let me explain. If you play sports, but one day you feel your body is weak, limp, or not really motivated, there is no point in straining yourself. Especially since, in these moments, you risk injuring yourself or hurting yourself easily. Why not do a leisurely stretching session, yoga or meditation instead? Listen to your body, listen to yourself. Listen to yourself and listen to your body in all situations. It also means avoiding frustration. Do you fancy a pizza? Or do you want to go shopping? Do you want to go out in the evening? Or, do you fancy an ice cream instead? Do you also want to go on a trip? What's stopping you from doing that (aside from containment and the current situation, of course)? Again, listen to your body. If you don't do these things, you will get frustrated and keep cravings in you that will multiply and therefore become bigger and maybe bad for you. On the same note, do you know you don’t digest peppers? Listen to your body and don't eat it, respect your inner self. You've always wanted to dance, but "it's a girl's sport"? Do whatever you want and listen to only yourself, your body.

In the same vein as positive sentences, complimenting yourself is important. You know what you are worth and you know when you are doing something right, whether you like your outfit or your makeup, that you are feeling beautiful. Tell yourself. Did you do a good job and therefore finished an important project correctly? Compliment yourself, be grateful for the work you have put in, and be proud of yourself. Tell yourself. Likewise, do you like your outfit today? Look at yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself. It will do you good and above all it will add something positive to your daily life. Compliment yourself once a day and therefore take this compliment very seriously

The important thing to be positive in your life is to radically change the way you think. In order to do this, therefore, you must overcome your fear of failure. This is a very widespread fear in France because from childhood learning is driven by the desire to succeed, because failure is frowned upon. So it is only with failure that you learn and get better. Failure is therefore a learning process and a compulsory passage in life. So failure is not a bad thing, it's a way of learning. But, then, is it possible to learn by failing? And therefore to be better by failing? No longer take failure as a negative, but as a unique chance to learn. Go beyond this fear which should not, ultimately, be a fear.

Making your life better also means getting to know and discover yourself. And the best way to meet is to be alone, and therefore far from home. Going on a trip alone is the only way for me to discover and learn to be happy on your own. So go alone for one to two weeks or even two to three months. Believe me, this trip will make you bigger, but above all much happier in your daily life. Thus, you will have learned to be self-sufficient, to live only with yourself and to rely only on yourself. What's more, all you need is yourself to be happy and live a life that you enjoy. Traveling alone has many good qualities, but the main quality is that it will impact your life forever and in a positive way.











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