What are the positive emotions? What is its importance? How does it relate to positive psychology? This information will give you a quick and brief overview of how people experience positive emotions 

 emotions are an essential part of positive psychology, which provides a clear scientific study that includes the strengths that enable individuals and societies to thrive,

 are the positive emotions

This field was established based on the prevailing belief in developing the human psyche and bringing it to a meaningful and stable life, by developing and strengthening strengths that include love, work, and compassion.


And some scientific research indicates that thinking positively about the good things that happen to us works to achieve stability.


Therefore, from positive thinking, we can observe and understand the good things that happen in our lives and distinguish between right and wrong, and this helps to change our focus to positive instead of negative even on bad days,

  main topics of positive psychology

There are several important and main topics related to positive psychology, including

Positive emotion



Focus on strengths

Positive psychology is concerned with focusing on what people know and are proficient in within these topics, and working on developing the various strengths within people

It is also concerned with developing the ability to deal with various pressures in a flexible manne

 scientific theory of positive emotions

Positive psychology emerged due to the need to study the positive aspects of life in a scientific and logical manner, and this theory has developed over the past years and revealed important research related to happiness and well-being in life.

Through these studies and research, scientists have found that there are special internal qualities present in every person, which improve the quality of life significantly if they are developed, and among these traits:




Scientists have also found, by delving into these characteristics, that there are five main and important elements that lead to stability







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