I am a Software Engineer having four years of experience in IT Industry dealt with Web technologies, Web designing. I am a Computer Science graduate having Sound knowledge on Computers.  Right from my college days, I have almost seven years of experience in Writing Articles and Blog Posts, Speech Writing.

I am a efficient content writer with utmost accuracy and can deliver work in a required period of time . I will do proper research before starting my work to give my 100% best on deliverables . Till date, I have written content on various sectors related to Nature(Planting trees), Medical management, Financial sector mainly on GST benefits and failures. Recently I have written an article on Yoga Asanas, how they impact our health and mind. By Practicing them daily how it boosts up our energy and also improve health. I have written moral stories for kids which we can tell them at night times.

If you ask me to explain about a topic , I can tell you about my favorite hobby that is Planting trees, which became a part of my life. because I have this habit of planting trees right from my childhood. I should thank my parents, who have inculcated this seed in me. At present in my home, I do have more than 25 trees altogether in my garden. We do have a proverb saying "Nature is not a place to visit, it's a home" , whenever I listen to this proverb , I feel it's 100% true and I feel it from bottom of my heart that can't be expressed in words.

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Whom are you supporting this IPL4?

Now that the heat is ON (cricket fever), let's add some Spice (IPL)...Whom are you supporting this IPL4?
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