Yes, you read that right, so why am I writing this? Because of the JIO boom in India, every freaking child has a smartphone and he/she is creating content sitting at HOME, because of ease of doing it. We consider everyone who makes content an Influencer because he is holding a Camera, buddy you can do it too. Stop giving GOD Complexity to every creator around there, not everyone is an Influencer, every reel maker is not an INFLUENCER they are just an ENTERTAINMENT provider and you are a Consumer. So you will ask me who is an INFlUENCER? we tend to forget the definition of Influencer, an Influencer is a person who is adding some kind of VALUE to you, which helps you to grow in LIFE, be BETTER at something, who promotes GOOD QUALITY PRODUCTS to you not anything which can harm you because they know you TRUST them. STOP MAKING EVERYONE AN INFLUENCER AND START QUESTIONING.

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  • Re: Everyone on the Internet is not an Influencer

    by » one year ago

    Hello there,

    what you said is the truth and I without a doubt support your writings,

    Everyone pretends to be social influencer with so little knowledge, they just

    without think spit out their opinions on social platform without thinking what 

    effect it would have on their followers , its just sad how dumb people can be

    these days!

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