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In today's world increase in air pollution has resulted in lots of health hazards, including lung damage. Our lungs are the vital organs of our body lung gives us life-giving oxygen, and they also release harmful carbon dioxides from our system. We frequently take lungs for granted unless we start suffering from breathing problems. Lungs detox has become essential in today's time to maintain our health and fitness, especially in this covid pandemic. 

Here are a few tips to detox your lungs and to keep them healthy and function well. 

First, detox Breathing Exercises pranayama is a very effective breathing exercise for the lungs. To improve lung function and increase lung capacity, you can practice the following Pranayama, 

a) Rechak pranayama or yogendra pranayama. 

Rechak is a Sanskrit term for exhalation. It refers to the form of breathing method in which exhalation is prolonged. This technique promotes suitable pressure changes in the lung, and this improves oxygenation. It helps throw out more quantity of carbon dioxide in our alveoli. It enhances the functioning of our diaphragm and also massages and activates the internal organs of our abdomen.

Method of doing this yoga

Sit in a meditative pose. You should feel comfortable. Keep your spine straight, head and sit. Relaxed, close your eyes and begin slow inhalation for 3 seconds. Retain your breath for 6 seconds and then slowly exhale your breath prolonged slowly, slowly for 12 seconds. Here the jerky movement should be avoided. Practice five rounds and pause every time in between. 

B) Bhramari Pranayama or Bee breathing technique. 

In this Pranayam, we practice the resonating humming sound of a bee in our heads. Apart from its therapeutic effect on the nervous system, this Pranayama helps regain lung elasticity and helps in asthma. It improves the expression of nitric oxide in the lungs, thereby increasing the anti-violent properties of the lung.

Method of doing this yoga

Sit in any comfortable meditative pose and keep your spine erect. Close your eyes. Begin inhaling fully, slowly. Exhaling is a smooth and controlled manner from the nostrils with little force while making a humming sound. Hhhmmmmmm, Practice five rounds and pause in between.

C)  Anulom Vilom pranayama or alternate nostril breathing exercises

Anulom vilom Pranayama is alternate nostril breathing; it's not only reduced stress and anxiety anulom vilom pranayama will definitely improve the lung capacity and so oxygenation throughout the body. It helps treat respiratory disorders like bronchitis and Asthama

Method of doing this yoga

Sit in any comfortable meditative posture. Keep your spine erect. Take Vishnu Mudra. That is, fold the first two figures in so that the thumb and the last two figures can hold your nostril and now inhale from your left nostril, stop your breath for some time and exhale from your right nostril again inhale from your right nostril. Stop the breath for some time and exhale from your left nostril and stop your breath again. Now start inhaling from the right nostril and continue the same round. Repeat the cycle for a maximum of ten rounds. 

D)  Yogendra Pranayama or diaphragmatic Breathing.

This is Breathing the diaphragm, which is a very important respiratory muscle. When you breathe, your stomach, your abdominal muscles, and your diaphragm are equally engaged. Every time we breathe, we pull down on our diagram; this approach helps efficiently fill the lungs. Lungs get a full breath in our life. Usually, we use only one-fourth capacity of our lungs. We don't use only now to detox our lungs. We should see that we breathe completely. And here, this diaphragmatic Breathing helps to breathe fully and see that the toxins are removed.

Method of doing this yoga

So here, lie down on your back. Pull your knees closer to your body and feet towards your buttock. Place one hand on the abdomen inhale for 3 seconds while moving the abdominal upwards. Exhale for 3 seconds by moving the abdominal downwards. Practice maximum 3 rounds now the second point inhaling steam to detox or lung. When we inhale polluted air, dust and other harmful chemicals, they enter our lungs. And this causes mucous formation steam brings warmth and moisture to the air in our body. The mucus always clogs the bronchial Airways, so the seam inhalation helps loosen the mucous. This will provide quick relief and will help a person to breathe easily. If congestion is very strong, add a few drops of your eucalyptus oil or lavender in boiling water and then inhale the steam for each round. Inhale fully and exhale fully the steam, which is coming out for five minutes. Repeat the process twice a day. If the congestion continues, usually do the steam inhalation with plain water. In case of congestions, it is very strong. Then use any of this oil. You can even boil cabbage leaves in water, and this water also helps when you do the steam inhalation. 

The next point is foods that help decongestion. 

Let us understand some food that should aid the detoxification of our lungs. Our Breathing becomes difficult when the Airways are in flame. Our tests will feel heavy and clogged, and the inflammatory food can help ease these symptoms. This food will release congestion and reduce inflammation. Food with high anti-inflammatory properties includes 1st turmeric contains the compound Curcumin. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and so it helps to release the inflammation of the airbase. And this would help to reduce the tightness of the chest, so automatically, it will help improve the functioning of the lungs and thus helps in different respiratory conditions. 

Second, Garlic

Garlic is an antibiotic compound called Allicin. This helps treat a respiratory infection that has blocked the lung, leading to shortness of breath and congestion. Garlic is a natural expectorant. Its anti oxide property is reducing inflammation and promotes decongestion of the lung.

The third is water

Dry lungs are more prone to inflammation and irritation. Sipping warm water regularly will help keep your body hydrated, and this would help you reduce mucous. 

Fourth is Walnuts 

Walnuts are rich in Omega-three fatty acids. This helps to reduce inflammation of the lungs. Soak in water two to three walnuts and consume it every day to help deal with respiratory problems.

Fifth is green Tea

Green tea is an effective expectorant. Its antioxidant quality helps to reduce lung inflammation, and it helps in loosening chest congestion. This substance may even protect your lung tissues from the negative consequences of inhaling smoke. 

Some other foods rich in antioxidants include leafy vegetables, beans, lentils, ginger, Apple, citrus food, flaxseed. Most importantly, if you want to keep your lung healthy, totally stop smoking an active lifestyle with proper breathing methods. Steam therapy and an anti-inflammatory diet would help the lungs functioning. 


All this would strengthen the lung muscles and thus avoid all the lung problems our physical and emotional wellbeing are intertwined person suffering from panted emotions? Watered-up anger can affect the lung very badly. And so try and see that these emotions are handled well. A person should not be in a stressful state. A person should destress and see that you remain healthy and happy. To handle your emotions very nicely, with care, become aware of every thought coming into your mind and see that you think positively. Have enthusiasm. Don't get irritated and affected by people around, and you will have a very good functioning of your lungs. Lungs will be detoxified beautifully. 


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