2 years ago

Blog writing has become almost an addiction with me. It started quite recently. When I was going through some 'New Year Resolutions' type of blog, where one particular new blogger had mentioned that he had made a 'New Year Resolution' to write a blog a day. I was totally swept off my feet by this resolution, since it was something which I had always wanted to do and at the same time the very fact that it was a resolution meant that it was more than just a fancy or a hobby. The blogger really had to write a blog a day. Impressed that I was with this blogger and his New Year Resolution, I also promised myself that I will also try to write as often as I can this year (though I never quite resolved to write one blog per day). Because I know that there are times, when we are just out of inspirations for topics for blogs, are busy with sometime more important or are just suffering from the 'Writer's block' type of syndrome.  So, I kept my promise as simple and as manageable as I could and vowed to write as much as I could. To my pleasant surprise, I could actually write 'a blog a day' and this practice has been going on from the past two months and more! I have realized that blog-writing is pretty addictive like diary writing and when I actually sit in front of my desktop, ideas and words and impressions just flow out of my keyboard....and I find myself writing and writing. No wonder Blog writing has become an addiction with me and it is one addiction that I am mighty proud of!

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