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The poet Robert Southey states that books are his "never-failing friends". In fact, books are the best friends a man can have. They are always available to us. If we have the habit of reading, we can understand how intimate can our relationships be with books.

Reading can be a source of great pleasure and knowledge too. Reading a good book can be an experience in itself. A novel, for example, can lead the reader to the world of the author. He can share the love and hate, hope and despair of his characters. Even after he had finished reading, the characters will remain alive in the reader's mind as if they were people he had met somewhere.

It is very important to make the right selection of books. A good book is one to which the reader would like to go back and read over and over again. A good book leaves an impression in the mind while a bad book leaves a bad taste. A good can be evocative also.

There are also bad books. We should avoid such books. They will degrade the reader's taste and at the same time lower the standard and values of the society. Such books may destroy the seriousness and innocence of young minds.

I like to read those books which have been recognized as classics. I find a great deal of pleasure in going through these books.

A person who loves to read books are really awesome, they are mentally balanced, they won't argue shout or they don't perform any weird activities because they are mentally matured people.

Some researchers claim that the one who reads many books are trustworthy.

A growing body of research indicates that reading literally changes your mind.


What types of books you like to read, please tell us.Are you a reader person or not. What type of article you want to read. 



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