Most often, people tend to focus more on what they eat rather simultaneously concentrating on other factors such as intense exercise, sleep etc... . It is in no way bad after all but not apt either. Burgers, pizza and every other item which may fall under the category of junk foods provide us with a hell lot of calories from fats especially. A person who aspires to gain some weight or muscle mass must inculcate these foods in his diet regime especially if he or she has a busy schedule throughout the day because these foods are easily accessible and do not require much of your time during consumption. Though it is strongly not recommended to individuals looking forward to shred some weight. But there an common factor which both of the category forget or neglect i.e. a worthy intensity filled workout. I have come across people who do not hit the gym if they are left with no pre workout or creatine which according them fuels up their system and eventually ameliorates their weight lifting capacity. I have also come across people who are not priviledged enough to even have half of their recommended protein or caloric intake though their workout intensity is to a whole new level. Especially, the imprisoners in the western jails are not entitled to food items which an average earning American citizen would rather have had. But their fitness levels are quite contradictory, the only thigh which they primarily focus is working out regularly incessantly. Of course food is important to keep ourselves going but over indulgence and ignorance must not be forgiven pertaining the workout.

A wide variety of supplements are available in the market premises but the steadfast question is 'Are they really necessary?' . Supplements are just an add on to our food intake but not a substitute. People solely consuming home made foods and concurrently bodybuilding are a rare breed and those who are have a huge proclivity towards supplements are plentiful.


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