Following is the message I sent to the Boddunan member, when he asked me as to...

"How to post photos for articles on":

Hello “…name…”,

You may use the following site for uploading photos for articles on (Link… You need to just join this site free and download photos in an album, in your account, on this site from the photos from ‘ or you can import your own pictures / photos from your computer to your album on photobucket.

Once you have any photo available in your album, you are just a few clicks away from transferring it from your album to the article.

Follow the following steps:

1. open edit box of your article on
2. open your album in photobucket
3. bring the cursor on the photo that you want to transfer to your article
4. a dropdown list will appear
5. bring your cursor on ‘HTML Code’ and right-click on the code of the photo
6. click copy
7. open the article page and paste this HTML code in the place where you want the photo to appear… and you are done
8. finally click save
9. the photo will appear on your article.

- Harish Jharia

Note: I hope I have not violated guidelines because I have described the process to be followed for posting photos / pictures / illustrations on for eventually improving and beautifying the pages on Boddunan. Moderators might better judge whether I have commited a mistake. Thanks…

Harish Jharia
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