I want to give a suggestion why there is Multiple choice questions in boddunan.Now a days every exam is of multiple choice question in every college and university admissions.On Sunday there is IAS Preliminary exams which is multiple choice question paper.

I have entrance exam of MBE of Punjab university on 13th June which is Multiple choice question exam and there is not special book for MBE Exam so i have to buy IAS book of Economics of rs 550.

Thats why i want to say that there is not any site in internet which gives knowledge of every course study quickly.
Like Members submit polls and they get points for it like for this also members submit there Multiple choice questions in different categories like Economics,science subjects,Arts subjects.For which members get points.

There are lot of members in sites which have studied different subjects and they can give easily Multiple choice questions on different categories.
I am sure like there is above 6000 polls then why can't we have multiple choice questions section in boddunan.

So friends what you think of this suggestions thanks
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