Hello all,

Iam new to boddunan and i have submitted around 10 articles.Can some experienced writers clarify me the following things regarding posting?

1. I typed the article in one font and when i previewed,it was ok.But when it was approved and published i can see three different fonts used. Which method you people use to ensure that the format and font is correct?

2. I have not used links in my article.But when it was approved and published i could see hyperlinks and comment from Boddunan "Please remove the hyperlinks". How the hyperlinks are created?

Can somebody help me?

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  • Re: How to check the formatting of the article ?

    by » 12 years ago

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    HI Meean,

    The font displayed on editor will be different from the actual site. However, you can ensure the correct formatting by not making changes to font unless required.

    Just use paragraph for normal content. It is available under formatting combobox.

    For sub headings you can use header3 or header4 (h3 or h4)

    For highlighting you can make bold/italic/underline by selecting the required text and press CTRL+B/CTRL+I/CTRL+U etc.

    Most of the time you do not require special formattings other than the above. If you want you can use colors as well.

    The links added are infolinks links just you see on every page. We are working on fixing it. You can leave that for now and ask editors to approve your article.

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